Taylor Swift falls victim to Keith Richards' brutal shade... Again!

Keith Richards can’t get no satisfaction and Taylor Swift can’t catch a break!

Keith Richards is going on his own Quincy Jones-like press tour where he’s holding nothing back! Sadly, Taylor Swift seems to be a reoccurring victim of Keith’s shade. In 2015, he called her a “flavor of the month” and now in 2018, he still holds the same feelings.
He snidely remarked in an interview with The Wall Street Journal “Good luck girl ― wish her well while it lasts.” He went on to further explain.

“I’ve just been around too long to be picking the bones out of kids. It wouldn’t be fair of me and I’ve always been an opinionated bastard anyway. And I never did really like pop music ― even when I became pop music, I was listening to the blues and jazz and not interested in the hits.”

This is the same interview where he advises his friend and bandmate Mick Jagger to get a vasectomy. Enjoy the tea until his PR team stops him in his tracks. ☕️