Taylor Swift calls ailing fan in the hospital

Annie McMahon, 22, is fighting for her life. The former Westchester County cheerleader said she gets strength from comes from the songs of her pop superstar idol Taylor Swift.

Annie was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at 2 years old and has since survived two double lung transplants. But in July 2017, Annie's body began rejecting the new lungs, and she was put on a transplant list once again. Two years later, Annie is now too sick for the third transplant.

"She just started deteriorating and getting worse," said her mom, Theresa. "We've been in the hospital for the last two weeks."

Her friends back in her native Yonkers and even the nurses at New York-Presbyterian's Columbia University Irving Medical Center began a push for Annie to meet Taylor.

It worked. Last week, Annie's phone rang with a call from an L.A. area code. It was Taylor.

"She cried with her, she laughed with her," Theresa said. "You would have thought they were friends forever."

Annie's mom said the pop star spent nearly 20 minutes on the phone with her discussing everything from dogs and cats to Taylor's albums, concerts, and even boys. 

Annie is still hoping to meet Taylor in person. Taylor promised her that the next time she is in New York that a meet-and-greet will happen.

Mom also said Taylor told her always stay "fearless," like the title of her No. 1 hit.