Tampa man arrested on animal cruelty charges after dog dies from overheating

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A Tampa man was arrested after three dogs were found stuck in locations with triple-digit temperatures, and police said one of those dogs died from heat exhaustion.

Tampa police arrested 34-year-old Ronell Nedd last week at his home in the 2600 block of 8th Avenue. Police said one of Nedd's three dogs died from symptoms of heat exhaustion. Investigators said the two other pets were found overheated, but did survive. 

According to court documents, the surviving pets were found in a small room with no food and no water. The room had no ventilation with a temperature reading 127 degrees. 

The dog that died was found locked in a cage in direct sunlight, also with no food or water. Investigators said the cage had reached a temperature of 133 degrees. The dog's body had an internal temperature so high that it was above the maximum on the thermometer used by investigators. 

Nedd was arrested on charges of aggravated animal cruelty and unlawfully confining animals. He bonded out of jail on the day of his arrest. 

The surviving dogs were taken into custody by animal control after getting the veterinary care they needed. Police wanted to remind owners to make sure their pets do not get overheated and that they have plenty of water.