Tampa identical twins graduate top of class with identical GPAs

Identical twin brothers at Wharton High School in Tampa are being recognized for the incredible achievement of graduating as co-salutatorians with identical 9.12-grade point averages.

Alex and Dane Deevers credit their high GPA to a lot of hard work in AP and Honors-level courses, along with dual-enrollment at Hillsborough Community College.

Their high school careers, however, didn't start out as in sync as they ended.

"We were kind of pretty competitive with each other and trying to you know, we were kind of pushing each other a lot," said Dane, adding they eventually agreed to stop trying to outdo each other and attempt to achieve the same GPA. "Having someone in the same boat as you really makes your job a lot easier because you always have someone, right that you can rely on."

"You have something else with you that's doing the same amount of stuff, challenging you. You know, you don't you only get one up by your brother, right?" added Alex.

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The brothers also packed several sports into their crowded schedules, while Dane also received his pilot's license.


Fittingly, they're both planning to continue their education at the same school - the University of Florida. Their academic tracks, however, will likely be different.

"Alex is going to school, become a doctor while we are exploring engineering and physics," said Dane.

Their mother couldn't be more proud.

"They work together as a phenomenal team and they've always been like that. They care very much about each other. And I'm so excited that they're all going to be in college together," said Stephanie Deevers.