Suspect in 1999 Long Island wedding killing apologizes

Balkumar Singh apologized as he walked into court Monday morning on Long Island. The man who prosecutors say went under many names and aliases for 16 years pleaded not guilty to murder and other charges.

"Sorry for the pain I caused everyone's family, the destruction to the family, I'm sorry," Singh said.

It happened at a wedding outside of the Masonic Temple in Hicksville back in June of 1999. Singh, a guest at the reception, allegedly got into an argument when he opened fire shooting and killing Abzal Khan, 19, before taking off and leaving the bride and guests stunned in disbelief.

"My heart feels so pleased that they have caught this culprit and bring him to justice," said Inshanallie Khan, Abzal's father. He and Abzal's mother, Sharifen had waited for this day for a long time. Their other son, Shamed Khan, held back tears as he remembered his older brother.

"He was a very loving guy," Shamed Khan said. "Very family oriented."

"He always go to the church, take care of the poor and needy and he always do the right thing," Inshanallie Khan said.

Nassau County Acting District Attorney Madeline Singas said Singh went from country to country, homeless for most of the time, managing to stay one step ahead of the law. But with help from a tip, local and Trinidad authorities finally caught up with him in March.

He was extradited on Friday and brought back to Long Island.

"He was happy to be back in America," Nassau County Police Det. Gonzalo Londono said.

"We knew who we wanted, we knew who out suspect was," Singas said. "It was just a matter of time to apprehend him."

The Khan family hopes justice will be served.

"My family has never been the same," Shamed Khan said. "Just never been the same since then."

"I always know the lord is up there looking, and he will get caught one day," Inshanallie Khan said.

Singh has been remanded and is due back in court on Wednesday. If convicted he could face life without parole.