Surfing dog brings joy to campers

Meet Norm. He's a 4-year-old purebred black Lab. Those who are familiar the breed, know very well they are natural swimmers. But Norm can also surf. A surfer dog wasn't his calling until later in life. Linda Herskowitz, a volunteer for Canine Companions for Independence, adopted him two years ago after he had a career change in the program and wasn't fit to be an assistance dog. He already had the extensive training and loved helping people. Linda knew he was destined for bigger things.

Norm doesn't just surf for the fame and fun. He connects with campers at Camp ANCHOR, a recreation program for children and adults with special needs. Among them is Danny Collins. When campers like Danny watch Norm ride the waves, they try it for themselves and succeed while doing it. [PHOTOS: SURFING DOG]

Norm has been known to cut the line, loves cookies for rewards and belly rubs when he's done for the day.

You can see Norm for yourself this Saturday on Lincoln Blvd in Long Beach. He is raising money for the Tommy Brull Surf Program at Camp ANCHOR to continue letting special needs kids experience the joy of surfing.