Suffolk SPCA has free pet food for federal workers during shutdown

As the partial federal government shutdown drags on, federal employees are feeling the financial crunch in different ways. Now the Suffolk County SPCA has stepped up to help pet owners feed their furry family members.

The independent nonprofit group, which is tasked with protecting animals and enforcing animal cruelty laws in Suffolk County, is offering free pet food to federal government employees and their families who are having a hard time during the shutdown.

"We are pleased to help the federal employees that have been affected by the partial government shutdown," Suffolk SPCA Chief Roy Gross said. "We know that most people consider their pets as family members and hope this gesture helps them during these difficult times."

If you need pet food, contact the Suffolk County SPCA at 631-382-7722 to arrange pick-up. You may want to ask fast because the supplies are limited, the SPCA said.