Suffolk County's red light camera program facing uncertain future

Suffolk County’s more than decade-old red light camera program has always been controversial. But it may be coming to an end.

The Suffolk County Legislature did not request an extension from the State Legislature before the session ended last week. 

"This year no one approached us to carry the bill so no one in the Senate actually carried the bill," said State Sen. Dean Murray. 

Currently, more than 200 cameras are in place at 100 intersections countywide. Run a red light, and you’ll get hit with a $50 ticket. 

Suffolk County issued close to 358,000 red light camera tickets last year. If the program expires, county leaders would be left scrambling to find ways to make up more than $8 million in annual revenue.

Critics of the program, like Legislator Rob Trotta, say that the program is more about money than it is about safety.

"They’re not going to give it up," said Leg. Rob Trotta. "They could put it in, the governor could sign it, and they could have continued red light cameras. It’s a disgrace."

The Suffolk County executive declined FOX 5 NY's request for an on-camera interview. As for Nassau County, the State legislature reauthorized their program for five more years.