Brooklyn Success Academy student goes to Harvard

Winning and losing are part of the game Geah Jean Baptiste knows well. 

She’s been playing chess since she was a child. Now she credits chess for her latest big win - getting into Harvard. 

She is a senior at Success Academy High School of The Liberal Arts. 

Her education within the Success Academy Public Charter School network started when she was much younger.

Integral to the curriculum, at all levels, is the game of chess. 

Eva Moskowitz the Founder and CEO of Success Academy, said this is the very first time a student has been accepted to Harvard. 

Geah, who is the captain of her high school chess team firmly believes chess is what helped her get into not one but two Ivy League schools.

Harvard is not the only option on the table because she was also accepted by Yale. 

Born and raised in Brooklyn she is excited about the future. 

Her 4.0 average has brought her a long way too. She plans to choose her university soon. 

Chart School Debate in NYC

Mayor Eric Adams is clearing the air about whether he supports more charter schools in New York City.

"Yes, I support charter schools," Mayor Adams said emphatically on WABC Radio.  He clarified comments he made to state lawmakers during his trip up to Albany last week, when he testified on Governor Kathy Hochul’s budget proposal to lift the cap on charter schools.

Adams said this proposal would cost the city around $1 billion.

However, later that same day when pressed on this issue, he pledged his support for all schools that work.

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Charter Schools Expansion

Gov. Hochul wants to eliminate the regional cap on charter schools, which would allow more charter schools to open in New York City.

Per pupil funding for charter schools would increase by 4.5%.

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But the proposal has faced opposition in the Legislature. 

"I want to make sure parents have a choice," Hochul said. "They deserve to have a choice. But I'm also funding public education at record levels. So the argument that that takes away from our investment in public schools is absolutely false.

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