Subscription boxes that empower girls

Some Long Island moms want to inspire confidence, compassion, and independence in women of all ages. They have created a product to help empower young girls. It is called A Mighty Box.

Emma Brandt and Cami Gallagher are on a mission to help girls find their inner strength. The women launched a subscription box in January. A small dose of empowerment comes inside A Mighty Box. Each one is carefully curated and has a theme, such as time-management theme, earth-friendly, or kindness. 

They have over 100 subscribers in 19 states. Some of the boxes have planners to help build organizational skills and others have pens with powerful quotes. All of them have a charm to add to a necklace to keep the message of each box close to their heart.

Carson Reynolds, 7, says she is inspired. She says a lot of the items in the boxes help her feel confident in the boxes. Her mom, Erica, says being nice, strong, and proud of yourself should be a girl's foundation.

Each box is $39.99. A three-month subscription is $99, including shipping.

Each box has a "Her moment" featuring a female pioneer who has impacted women.

Sophia Casillo, 10, says it helps her feel strong.

The goal of this project is to raise brave and successful young women. Emma and Cami say it is their passion project. Cami says that if society provides the right tools, girls will be on the right track.