Study claims American women have largest breasts

A new study claims that American women have the largest breasts in the world.

The Journal of Female Health Sciences reports that the breast size data of women born in 108 were converted to a comparable format and analyzed.

The study analysis defined in a scientific way the average breast size of 28-30 year old women broken down by country of birth.  342,000 breast size measurements were taken for the study.

The study says that there is a considerable variation in the breast tissue volume depending on the country of birth.

The study claims that women born in the U.S. have, by far, larger breasts than women in any other country, while women born in Africa and Asia have the smallest breast volumes.

The authors claim that knowledge of breast size variation is of major commercial importance for the clothing and entertainment industries and their research can be used for the international trade of underwear and standardization of garment sizing.