Students perform 5,000 acts of kindness for class project

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Kids at a Tampa elementary school are learning valuable life lessons, not found in any textbook. 

At Gorrie Elementary School in Tampa, students are learning their ABCs and 123s, but they're also learning kindness and compassion.

"They are doing 5,000 acts of kindness in 15 days," explained parent volunteer Melissa Bunch.

The challenge started last week after a presentation from the Think Kindness Organization.

"We want them to be kind and courteous and respectful to one another without having to think about it," Melissa said.

The project seems to be working. Acts of kindness can be something as little as complimenting another classmate's cooperation.

"We've been complimenting people whether what they have done how they are cooperating are what they're wearing," student Ayrton Wilson said.

In just one week, the 579 students have done more than 3,000 acts of kindness.

"We had games this morning and there were lots of Lego all over the floor so I helped pitch in to put all of them back in," 9-year-old Catalina Bunch said.

The kids are leaving sticky notes of good cheer for teachers and school staff. It's little gestures like this that teachers say make a big difference for them and the kids.

"It's emotional," teacher Jennifer Moon said. "I mean, it's crazy to see just how many wonderful things that they have done. Just because it is the right thing to do."

The challenge is part of the school's theme, Kind is Cool. The goal is to help create a better learning environment.

"Treating each other and adults with respect; then we will spend more time educating children and learning more things to make us more successful in life," Gorrie's Principal, Marjorie Sandler said.