Students get hands-on training in simulated hospital

At Long Island University Post, both undergrad and graduate students use a simulation center that mimics a hospital to learn proper techniques and gain real-life experience.

"The 'sim man,' which is our most advanced, can do everything from give blood to have a heart attack, to simulate a seizure," said Stacy Jaffee Gropack, the dean of the School of Health Professions and Nursing.

Eight mannequins simulate different scenarios. A maternity ward simulation has a mannequin programmed to give birth.

Students from many disciplines work together like they would in a real healthcare environment. That is different from other schools.

"In this case, we have all the students integrated into the lab," Assistant Dean Paul Dominguez said. "You'll have the medical imaging students and the social work students interacting with the nursing and dietetic students."

A few hundred students come through the simulation center each week. Their performances are recorded and graded but what they take away from the experience is worth so much more.

One student told Fox 5 that they practice taking vitals, checking blood pressure, and moving and washing patients.

Another student said making mistakes on mannequins is better than on real people, so they learn a lot.

They learn in a safe environment now to excel in the real world.