Stolen dog returns to Austin after 3 years away in Portland, Oregon

It was a tearful reunion some three years in the making, this is the story of a dog named Ladybird.

Ladybird was a Staffordshire Terrier dog trained to be service animal to alert for a woman who had narcolepsy and seizures. The woman had so many problems she ended up unemployed and homeless but Ladybird was still by her side. The woman ended up with Ladybird on the streets asking for money Sharon Henderson noticed, “This dog eventually took care of her, was her only family pulled her wheel chair. Miss Jane and I fell in love with both the owner and her dog. Separately we made sure she got to the vet and got her food and groceries and stuff.”

In her final days, the owner made a plea to Miss Jane and Sharon to take care of Ladybird but another man took her before they could get to her. “The neighbor in the living facility called this other homeless guy and he came and took ladybird in the middle of the night knowing that her wishes were that he not have her,” Henderson said.

He saw a value Ladybird brought to her owner, “She made a lot of money for people, he couldn't make any money without her. She has spent her life smelling car exhaust on the median by the Olive Garden on Lamar,” Henderson said.

Miss Jane and Sharon got even more terrible news, she was further out of reach, “It wasn't long before we got a call that he was in Portland, Oregon that he had hitchhiked his way whole way there, that whole trip must have been horrendous for her.”

Their only hope was the chip in her neck. Miss Jane kept her microchip up to date and never gave up hope. Time went on and while Sharon said she started to lose hope, Miss Jane never did, about a month ago, they got a call. “She said that Lady was found in Portland, Oregon wandering around the streets in traffic, she was 30 pounds.” Skin and bones, a big tumor, going deaf, but they called Miss Jane, because of the microchip.” They found out the man who had stolen her had passed away, so Ladybird had been left to fend for herself. “She had eaten in so long, so had no jaw muscles, her head muscles had atrophied and she couldn't even chew, her ribs were sticking out and she couldn’t even go up two stairs without falling backwards”

They quickly arranged for her to get into foster care and foster mom knew just what to do and Ladybird started rebounding back, the look on this dog’s face was so full of anguish and pain to now she's looking like her old self again,” Henderson said. So, it was time to make her way back home. With the help of another friend, Ladybird made her way from Oregon, driving all the way back with some anxious moms waiting.  “I want her to enjoy the rest of her life in the lap of luxury she's never known and have a family.”