Steve Madden says Martha Stewart should be pardoned

Shoe and fashion designer Steve Madden hopes domestic diva Martha Stewart is pardoned by President Donald Trump.

The President wrote in a recent tweet that he is considering the pardon for Stewart who spent five months in federal prison in 2004 for obstruction of justice, making false statements and conspiracy for lying to investigators.

A former felon himself, Madden was asked by Good Day New  York co-host Rosanna Scotto if he thought Stewart deserved to be forgiven for her crime. 

"Martha Stewart is a good person and I hope she gets pardoned," said Madden. "She made a little mistake. I don’t even know what she did actually. But she made a mistake, she does charitable work and I think she should be pardoned.”

As for himself, Madden, who was in prison for more than two years for securities fraud and money-laundering, says it's not for him to say whether he should be forgiven by the President of the United States.

"I’ve been pardoned in a bigger way by the people who wear my shoes. They buy my shoes, they wear my shoes and that’s important to me. My friends pardon me.”