Stepdad weeps during adoption proposal

From the beginning, Brandon Williamson knew it was a package deal.

If you loved Porsche, you had to love her son, too. There was no having one without the other.

Kalani Watson was only 2, going on 3, when Williamson began dating his mother.

“We worked together,” Williamson told Monday. "We would talk for hours. I knew Kalani was very important to her. So if I loved her, I had to love him too."

And he did. Tentatively at first, then with a fondness that deepened with time and shared memories.

So when Kalani, now 10, stood at his birthday party over the weekend and nervously read from a piece of paper that fluttered in his hands, Williamson lowered his head.

“Brandon Craig Williamson, will you do me the biggest favor in the world? Will you adopt me?” Kalani asked.

Williamson wept. Kalani and his cousins wrapped the overcome man in their arms.

“It would bring any big man down,” Williamson said. He knew he was history as soon as his stepson popped the question. “I have a soft spot for family,” he said.

Brandon and Porsche Williamson are also expecting a baby boy, but in Brandon’s fatherly eyes, that means only he will have two sons instead of one.

There is no difference to him, except perhaps, the knowledge he cherishes that Kalani chose him.

“I’ve been there for everything, practically,” Williamson said of their seven years together. “Him recognizing that, and wanting to have my last name, it meant the world to me.”

Brandon, who is a porter at LAX, and Porsche, who works crowd control at the airport, were married in 2010. Even their marriage was a package deal.

“I gave vows to him, too,” he said, speaking of Kalani.

Part of this weekend’s festivities included a gift box filled with blank adoption papers.

Brandon plans to visit his father, who recently left this world, to fill them out.

“He was the first person to ever say to me, ‘That’s your son,’’’ Brandon said of his own father, his voice catching with the memory.

“So I plan to visit his grave,” he said, and complete the adoption forms. And tell his father about the amazing proposal he received from his son.