Staten Island toddler found after Amber Alert

An Amber Alert is over after a Staten Island toddler, who police had said could be in imminent danger, was located.

Police were looking for Kim Woo, 2, years, 11 months, who was with her father. The child had been missing since 8:30 a.m. and was only wearing pink pajamas.

Police say they got a 911 call of an assault at the girl's home on Ismay Street. Police say the 35-year-old victim said that she had been hit in the midsection and her 2-year-old daughter was forcefully taken from the home.  The suspect was her non-custodial father, Johnny Woo.  Police believed that the child was in imminent danger because of Woo's actions.

The NYPD said Kim Woo and Johnny Woo were found on the Major Deegan Expressway in the Bronx on Tuesday afternoon. The girl was described as "safe" but no other information on her condition was immediately available.

Police Commissioner James O'Neill said on Twitter that two civilians spotted the car and waved down some school safety agents, leading to the Highway Patrol's response.

Johnny Woo was being questioned by police.