Staten Island teen vies for dream 'prom' at Citi Field with Mets

For Callie Quinn, 17, it all started on Twitter. She contacted her favorite team, the New York Mets, about her prom. She tweeted the team that she doesn't have a date for the prom, so could they send someone to take pictures with her?

The Staten Island teen was stunned when the Mets responded: "Let's do this, you get 500K RTs and we'll invite you to Citi Field on 5/18 to take your prom pics on the field before the game. We'll have a few players say hello and jump in some of those pics. Think you can do it? #CallliesMetsProm."

Callie posted a screenshot of her Twitter exchange with the Mets on Friday and suddenly Twitter was on fire

Mets pitcher Josh Smoker tweeted, "Let's help give Callie the most memorable prom ever."

Actors William Shatner and Donnie Wahlberg threw their support behind Callie and so did Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard.

Callie said Noah is her favorite Met, so she almost started crying. She said she is so grateful.

So far, Callie, a senior at New Dorp High School, has gotten more than 340,000 retweets. Her prom is in May

"It all started because I didn't have a date and now I'm not so sad anymore," she said, laughing.