Spring breakers fight back, foiling would-be robbery

One moment, four friends are laughing and enjoying spring break in South Florida. The next moment, they are fighting for their lives against a would-be armed robber.

Surveillance video captured the dramatic altercation at a gas station in Oakland Park early Sunday morning. The footage shows four young tourists smiling as they fill their car’s tank after a night in Miami Beach. A second car pulls up and a man runs over to the group, pointing a gun at them.

One of the four tries to walk away, but the gunman stops him. That’s when the other three tourists boldly jump on the gunman. When the getaway driver runs over from the second car, a full-on brawl begins.

After about 30 seconds, the tourists manage to wrestle the gun away from the first suspect.  The would-be robbers run back to their car, but not before exchanging words with the four victims.  The pair eventually drives away in a black Hyundai sedan.

The victims reported the car’s tag number to police, who quickly tracked down the owner in Fort Lauderdale. According to the Sun-Sentinel, Kevin Campbell tried to run but a K9 found the 33-year-old hiding in some bushes.

Campbell now faces several charges, including robbery with a firearm, but police are still looking for the gunman seen in the video, WSVN reported.

The four tourists – who were vacationing from Indiana, the Sun-Sentinel said – were unharmed.

FOX 13 reported this story from Tampa.