Spokes of Hope: Free bikes for New York kids

Generous New Yorkers have filled a Staten Island back yard with old bicycles. A labor of love is getting these bikes back on the streets. These aren't your typical bicycle spokes. For the kids in this community, these are so-called Spokes of Hope.

Daisy, 7, grew out of her training bicycle last summer. But her mom says it's just too much of a financial burden to keep buying a new bike as her daughters grows.

That's where Shawn Ortolano comes in. Just last month Shawn came up with the idea to create Spokes of Hope. It started as a Facebook page where he'd ask people to donate unused bicycles to help low-income families. Just a few weeks later, Shawn's back yard is filled with bicycles of all colors, shapes and sizes.  So far he has given bikes to about 40 local kids.

Shawn is a really modest guy. He has a son and works as a full-time tattoo artist, yet he still makes time to help the community. He says the bikes are disappearing quickly from his backyard as more and more families hear about the work he is been doing.

If you're interested in donating or picking up a bike for your kid, click here.