Spectronics Corporation | Made on Long Island

Car manufacturers throughout the world use fluorescent leak-detection dyes to cut down on emissions. They are made on Long Island.

Spectronics Corporation in Westbury has been manufacturing thousands of products in dozens of markets for more than half a century. President Jon Cooper says his company is the world's largest manufacturer of ultraviolet lighting equipment.

Although many of the products are invisible to the naked eye, they still impact the lives of millions. Spectronics makes products used for testing in oil pipelines, nuclear power plants, and aircraft engines.

The company's UV lamps were even used in a scientific experiment aboard a U.S. space shuttle to study how UV radiation disrupts the DNA of microorganisms. The lamps are also used for crime scene investigations.

About 50 percent of sales are exported to 135 countries around the world. The other half is sold within the U.S. and Canada, many times for a little bit more money but better quality.

The company manufactures out of this 100,000 square foot facility. Spectronics sees over $25 million in sales annually and employ more than 175 people.

President Jon Cooper says that the model of the company is to innovate today, imagine tomorrow. That means coming up with a way to do it faster and better.