SPCA: Puppies crammed into crates

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Authorities arrested a Westchester man after finding several injured dogs crowded in cages in his home, according to the SPCA of Westchester.

Michael Champion, of Buchanan, was arrested Monday, July 20, 2015, and charged with animal cruelty, authorities said.

On June 9, the SPCA said it found several puppies at Champion's home inside metal crates that were so small that the animals could not properly lie down or move around. One French mastiff mix puppy, named Red, had a broken leg and had never been treated by a veterinarian, the SPCA said.

An orthopedic surgeon could not save Red's leg and had to amputate it.

"It is hard to imagine the pain and suffering that this puppy endured, prior to being rescued," said Shannon Laukhuf, the executive director of SPCA of Westchester. "If he had received medical treatment in a timely manner, his leg may have been saved."

Other puppies were treated for skin conditions. One puppy had an abscess on its face.