Some NYCHA residents report water problems

Yvonne Lindesay says she's flat-out exhausted. She says that since March hot water and water pressure have been sporadic and on some days nonexistent in three buildings at NYCHA's Harlem River Houses. 

She told FOX 5 NY that the water is usually only hot from 4 a.m. to 6 a.m., so tenants are waking up extra early to shower.

While we were there, the water was hot and there was pressure. But tenants told us that this was a good day for the water, something they say only happens about two or three times a week. 

NYCHA told FOX 5 NY that staff did report issues with one of the two boilers in the complex but said repairs were made last week. The agency said that workers will go to all the apartments we visited to double check that water is running well.