Some Nassau street cops to get tactical weapons

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While the NYPD has plans to deal with active shooter incidents, other parts of our area are stepping up their own security preps. The Nassau County Police Department is boosting its firepower and training officers to deal with a potential terror attack.

The SIG M400 SWAT rifle is a powerful weapon known for its unparalleled accuracy, often used by law enforcement and during military operations. Nassau County purchased an arsenal of the tactical weapons with plans to give them not only to specialized emergency response units but nearly 100 patrol officers, too.

Acting Police Commissioner Thomas Krumpter said that training everyday street cops to use and carry them will help critical response times.

Former FBI Special Agent Manny Gomez praised the decision by Nassau County and thinks local departments across the country are justified in taking similar steps in light of the recent massacres.

This past weekend, police on Long Island held anti-terror drills at a number of locations. They are a regular part of the training for departments big and small in every corner of this country. Departments everywhere know all too well that their community could be the next San Bernardino or Sandy Hook.