Some crosswalks still missing along West End Avenue

When you cross West End Avenue, you have a crosswalk to guide you from one end to the next. But when you go to cross 96th Street, you'll notice there is nothing to go by. Corners are supposed to have crosswalks. But the markings have been missing for months.

Instead at this corner, crossing guards basically jump in front of vehicles to help people cross the road. The same for children attending the school on the corner. One guard confirmed that every day she flags down cars to get them to yield to pedestrians.

Meredith Roth, who lives nearby with her children, called it a horrible intersection and that someone could get killed before the city decides to paint a crosswalk.

"We want to make sure that it's a safe as possible for the children who go to school here and all the people who live right around here," she said.

Unfortunately, this section isn't the only one unpainted.

"The lack of crosswalks on West End Avenue between 61st and 72nd Streets, and along West 96th Street, is a public safety issue plain and simple," Council Member Helen Rosenthal said in a statement. "The Dept. of Transportation has confirmed to us that they will paint in cross-walks at these locations as soon as the winter weather season is over, as the paint requires warmer temperatures to affix permanently. This was poor planning on DOT's part."

Roth said the problem needs to be fixed before an accident happens.

"Both West End Avenue and West 96 Street are high priority locations and work is expected to begin this week," a DOT spokesperson said. "DOT is prioritizing work on these projects based on safety and weather conditions."