Softball team of amputees on a mission to inspire

The Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team plays nearly 100 games a year against able-bodied opponents. The Warriors play to win, but regardless of any game outcome, these men are winners before they ever step on the field.

Over the weekend, the Wounded Warriors returned to Long Island for the fourth time. This trip was a tough 13-10 loss to the L.I. All Stars, but the day was filled with pageantry, patriotism and of course, inspiration from some of our nation's bravest.

Josh Wege is the unofficial captain of the Warriors and one of its inaugural members. The Marine lost both of his legs while in Afghanistan. He says he hopes he and his teammates can inspire others.

The team was formed in 2011 with the goal to both inspire and educate, while also helping veteran amputees learn to return to an active way of life. That element of athleticism and competition is a big part of the healing process for these Warriors, both physically and mentally.

Double-amputee Matias Ferreira, who lost his legs in combat, experienced a kind of therapy by playing with the team. It helped give him the confidence and preparation for his new career as a Suffolk County police officer.

A limitless mindset is felt in the spirit across the entire team.

While the team will continue to travel across the country to play in games, one of their favorite acts will come when they host their annual camp next month for children without limbs to teach them that no obstacle is too big to overcome.