Social media fame for Manhattan's dogs

Zander, Rocky, Big Al, Nacho, The Mango, Waffle, Bruce Wayne, and Greta are very happy New Yorkers. They also happen to be burgeoning social media stars as some of the lucky pooches featured on Dogs of the Upper West Side, a new Instagram account featuring some of the neighborhoods most adorable pets. 

Courtney Ronner started Dogs of the Upper West Side after she couldn't bring her dog with her when she moved to the city. Now, her Instagrams are bringing the joy of Manhattan's puppy faces to the world.

For Michael Haisler and Megan Chin, Instagram is getting their Bruce Wayne the kind of attention typically reserved for someone like his namesake, with passersby now recognizing him from his social media presence. 

With approximately 600,000 dogs in the city, why are so many wagging their tails in this neck of the woods? The Upper West Side's easy access to Riverside Park and Central Park combined with its many dog-friendly establishments and residents make for what Upper West Sider (and founder of Camp Canine) Tania Isenstein called a "dog's paradise."

Next for Dogs of the Upper West Side? Collaborations with local businesses. And, of course, more dogs and followers as Courtney and her canine friends create a happy community in a dog eat dog world.