Snow doesn't stop surfers in Long Beach

Instead of several inches of snow, Long Island's South Shore saw more of a wintry mix of rain, sleet, and wind. Surfers call the outcome the perfect recipe for catching big waves. Rich Anderson spent his morning scoping out the surf and waited for the right time to get in the water. Surfers have been in and out of the water.

Mark Baratz, of Island Park, expected a lot more snow. He said there was some flooding but nothing too bad.

High tide was also a concern for the City of Long Beach but only a few streets here were temporarily affected.

Ethan Weisenberg is originally from Western Massachusetts. He's shoveling the slush before it freezes over

Heather Olsen and her family got snowed in. Their flight back to Salt Lake City was cancelled.

The City of Long Beach officials said they would continue to monitor the storm.