Sneak peek at Citi Field's culinary choices and souvenir giveaways

The New York Mets revealed what's new at Citi Field. Now, of course we have a whole bunch of new fallen snow, hopefully that'llnewly all gone by Opening Day a week from Thursday, but inside the ballpark, The Mets are revealing a whole new host of culinary options for you to enjoy.

Ballpark vendors have more to offer than hot dogs and peanuts these days. You can try the Maine lobster tacos with pinto beans and jalapenos. They're hot like a Noah Noah Syndergaard fastball.

The edible cookie dough, a Citi Field favorite, has a new twist this year—Cracker Jacks topping.

New restaurants joining Citi Field in 2018 include Wowfulls and Lil' Sweet Chick. Returning favorites include Bash Burger, Shake Shack, and others.

While the culinary experience appeals to adults, the giveaways will be a thrill for kids. The first 15,000 fans on March 31 will get a Build-A-Bear Teddy. On May 5, you can get the Yoenis Cespedes Garden Gnome. And Saturday, May 19, is the Mr. Met Star Wars Night Bobblehead—as Han Solo.

For watching the game, one of new "hot spots" is the renovated Citi Pavilion located above the bullpens in right field. The space is open for large group ticket sales. It's meant for social interaction and social media, so there are USB charging stations.

What are they going to do with all this snow over the next seven days? The infield is under a tarp and they are blowing heat under it. The grounds crew was set to start snow removal Thursday.