Skinny jeans are out but don't rush to donate them just yet

Skinny jeans have ruled for a while now — a 21st century cross between traditional jeans and leggings. They started out being a fresh alternative for women. But eventually, we noticed men's jeans getting slimmer, too. Now it seems that change is on the horizon.

As far back as April 2020, their demise was being predicted. By May, Elle magazine declared: The Skinny Jean Is Dead

Stylist and author George Brescia says he believes the skinny jean as a trend is on the way out, especially the extreme skinny. It's no secret the pandemic forced people inside where comfort is king. Anything tight was suddenly not right.

One look at the displays in popular stores like Zara and you can see the opposite of the skinny jean is trending now — a relaxed fit jean with wide, often cropped legs. 

Stylist Liz Teich believes we should gravitate toward high-quality sustainable denim. She just created a fun Instagram reel proving lots of options are out there. one of her favorites is the wide-leg jean, which she thinks is as comfortable as a sweatpant.

Although brands like Levi's have seen an uptick in looser jean styles, Levi's CEO Chip Bergh doesn't think we should hold a funeral for the skinny jean just yet.

"I don't think skinny jeans are ever going away on the women's side of the business, despite a clear trend toward casual, looser fitting clothes in general," Bergh said.

So what looks fresh right now? Don't gasp. Yep, the so-called mom jean. Teich says the fuller leg and higher waist make it look updated and fresher. Or you can go for an even looser "dad jean," which is high-waisted with a very high leg.

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If you're still convinced the skinny jean is for you, try updating the top half of your body with an on-trend puff-sleeve blouse or rock an updated boyfriend blazer with your favorite skinnies.

No matter what fashion dictates, if it doesn't fit — you must acquit. 

Teich believes confidence is the coolest thing you can wear.

Brescia says trends come and go and it's nice to know what they are but you should always wear what looks good on you.