‘Sitz!': Rosetta Stone offers program to learn commands for your dog in 23 different languages

Have you ever wanted to learn another language with your best friend?

Just in time for National Dog Day on Aug. 26, Rosetta Stone has created a guide for all canine lovers looking to join their favorite pooch on a colloquial journey learning various dog commands in 23 different languages.

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This new language guide is a gift for both you and your furry companion to enjoy that will immerse you in whatever language you choose to speak together.

If you’re trying to help your German shepherd or French poodle connect with its roots, your bond will be sure to be stronger once you’ve learned your pup’s native tongue.

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Rosetta Stone is offering an additional 20 percent off when you use the promo code “DOGDAY2019” when you buy their new language program until Aug. 31.