Single Parents' Day: Recognizing the hard work of single moms and dads

Single Parents’ Day is March 21 and in honor of all the single parents out there who are making it work, here are some facts about single parents you might not know:

  • According to the census, there are 13.7 million single parents out there responsible for raising 22 million children.
  • Don’t assume that every single parent is a single mother: one out of every six single parents is a single dad.
  • Of single moms, 76 percent of them balance working a job while being a single parent. For single dads, 85 percent work jobs, too.
  • New studies show that children raised in a single parent home are just as likely to be successful as those raised by married parents. 
  • Some of the most famous Americans were raised by single parents. Including former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. Madonna, Michael Phelps and many more famous Americans were raised by single parents.

There’s no question single parents definitely deserve a day of their own, because single parents don’t take days off.