Singer Robin S. says she did not like her dance classic 'Show Me Love' at first

Singer Robin S., the voice behind the enduring dance hit, 'Show Me Love,' said she did not like the song when she first recorded the single in the early 1990s.

Speaking with FOX 5 NY morning program, ‘Good Day New York,’ the Queens native said she came from a gospel and R&B background and the song simply didn't resonate with her, at first.

"I'm proud now," said Robin S. "But back in the day, I didn't like the song. I didn't like it.  I am never really a big fan of my playback. I am my best and my worst critic, right. When I first heard it, I was like not me. No, no.  I don't do stuff like this. But because it got such a reaction from people listening to it, I grew, I grew to love the song."

Robin S. took the song home and worked on it.

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"I took it apart. Verse by verse. And tried to incorporate it and infuse it into my life. At that time I had two kids. I just really wanted to be able to present it in the form and fashion--I was a single mother at that time-- I wanted to present it in that fashion and to mean it. I wanted it to be heartfelt and be felt as something serious when you are talking to a man, as something serious when you are talking to a woman."

‘Show Me Love' was written by composers Allen George and Fred McFarlane.  

The song reached number 5 in the Billboard Hot 100 List. It was remixed and re-imagined several times.