Shuttle bus hijacked at SFO found abandoned in Berkeley; no one injured

It's being called a bizarre crime to say the least.  An airport shuttle bus was carjacked from the arrivals area of the international terminal at San Francisco International Airport just before noon Tuesday, and then found abandoned hours later in Berkeley. 

A representative from private shuttle company SkyPark, said that a female shuttle driver was loading luggage and passengers were boarding when a man walked up and told them to get off the bus and that another shuttle was coming to pick them up. 

The driver was confused and went to call on the radio for confirmation, but the man told her not to call anyone and again ordered her to get off the bus. He said he wanted to take the bus home. 

The driver, who has two years on the job, complied and said that the man had trouble closing the doors as he drove off. The driver said the thief even asked her how to shut the doors, but the driver declined to help him. 

The suspect, who never brandished a weapon, is described as a clean-cut white male in his 20s or 30s and was wearing a black shirt and black shorts. Witnesses said he did not act violent or angry. No one was hurt. 

It was a customer who alerted police that the bus was stolen. 

The shuttle bus was recovered about three hours later near Seventh Street and Ashby Avenue in Berkeley, but the suspect is still outstanding. 

The suspect was seen walking eastbound on Ashby toward San Pablo Avenue

SkyPark's company president Nicolle Judge said in their 32 years of shuttle service, nothing like this has ever happened. 

San Mateo County Sheriff's Office is investigating.