Shots break out at shopping mall in Jersey City

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Gunfire erupted at the Newport Centre shopping mall in Jersey City Friday evening, according to several accounts. Witnesses described hearing shots and then seeing patrons running for cover.

A fistfight broke out in the food court, prompting police officers to respond. Then police received reports of gunshots, leading to the evacuated of the mall.

At least two people were hurt. Chief Michael Kelly said police had two people in custody but that officers don't know if either was the shooter. reporter Scott Fallon, who had the day off, happened to be inside the mall with his family when he heard a shot and saw "a ton of people screaming and running." In a cellphone video, he said he and his family huddled for cover in a stairwell behind the movie theater.

"Jersey City cops came with their guns drawn, they knew we weren't a threat, and they helped escort us out," Fallon said in the video. "We are safe but extremely concerned, extremely terrified."

Several videos shared with the Citizen app show a large police response around the mall.

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