Shoreline erosion fears rise as Hurricane Lee threatens Long Island beaches

South Shore residents are being warned to batten down the hatches. Hurricane Lee isn’t expected to make landfall, but it could cause powerful storm surges and high winds.

Authorities are warning this hurricane is a big one and if it decides to change course, you don’t want to be caught unprepared. 

Call it a case of PTSD but on what turned out to be a perfect weather day Thursday, the Town of Hempstead is warning residents to prepare.


Hurricane Lee forecast: Outlook, impacts for New York and New Jersey

Though New England will get hit far worse, it looks like some parts of New York and New Jersey are going to feel the effects of Hurricane Lee this weekend.

Crews are reinforcing Lido Beach’s shoreline ahead of Category 2 Hurricane Lee's move up the coast this weekend. And while authorities are aware it’s not expected to make landfall over Long Island or even bring rain, they’re predicting that by Friday night wind gusts will kick up to 60 miles per hour, waves will surge as high as 7 feet, the full moon will swell the tide and the beach will be underwater. 

"I would rather have everybody say I did all this extra stuff and nothing big happened," Calvin said. "Great. Be a little angry at me. Better than you wake up the next day and say, ‘I wish I had batteries, I wish I just picked up a couple of provisions.’"


Tropical Storm Warnings issued for Massachusetts as Hurricane Lee moves closer to New England

Boston could see sustained tropical-storm-force-winds by Friday evening through the first part of the weekend, and concerns are growing that with leaves still on trees. The expected wind and possible heavy rain could snap branches and limbs and pull down power lines, leaving thousands of people in the dark.

Authorities are urging residents in low-lying areas especially Point Lookout, Island Park, and East Rockaway, to start thinking seriously that a storm is coming and will cause significant flooding. The town says it’s done its part, including closing down the beaches, because rip currents will be strong, cleaning Storm drains, warning people to stay off the roads, and watching for down trees and power outages.

Another concern is how much of the beach will be eroded because of the flooding. This could take away several feet of the shoreline. The consequences could be significant.