Tropical Storm Arthur hits North Carolina coast with rain

Tropical Storm Arthur brought heavy rain to North Carolina's coast on Monday as forecasters warned that the first named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season could also spread life-threatening surf and rip currents along U.S. East coast beaches in the days ahead.

Coastal storm risk management study halted

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has halted a study it was spearheading about how to protect the New York-New Jersey area from hurricanes and rising sea levels. The Corps said that funding for the study was pulled. A draft of a report from the Corps was expected this summer. Reported by Arthur Chi'en

NYC OEM launches new "Know Your Zone" campaign

A new campaign launched by the New York City Office of Emergency Management aims to help residents "Know Your Zone," teaching people who live in evacuation areas what to do in case of a major storm.

Hurricane Maria's aftermath

A study by Harvard University researchers finds that the death count from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico is far greater than the official number of 64. The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, finds at least 4,645 people were killed when the vicious storm ravaged the island in September 2017.

Puerto Ricans relocate

Within days of Hurricane Maria's assault on Puerto Rico, New York City Emergency Management set up shop at the Julia de Burgos Center in East Harlem to assist with a variety of things, including relocation. The number of those looking to relocate is expected to go up as scores of Maria victims tearfully view their homeland no longer inhabitable.

Caribbean cruises

Nearly two months after Hurricanes Irma And Maria devastated parts of the Caribbean, the cruise industry wants you to know that most of region's ports are now open for business.

Pets rescued from hurricanes

Hurricanes Harvey, Maria, and Irma took a major toll on the U.S. and U.S. territories in ways that still seem unimaginable. Many areas will never be the same. Thousands were left homeless – men, women, children, and animals, sometimes the forgotten ones.

UNICEF on the ground at many disasters

Back-to-back tragedies have left people across the world now struggling just to survive. With so many different areas in desperate need of help, how can we make sure no one is forgotten? Fortunately, UNICEF already had help on the ground in the Caribbean, prior to the hurricanes hitting and the earthquakes in Mexico. But the need for donations is now urgent.

Are hurricanes and earthquakes linked?

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and now Maria blasted through cities with such fury that they leveled homes in Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean. On Tuesday another deadly earthquake rattled Mexico, the second this month, killing hundreds and flattening towns to rubble. While hurricanes are trackable, earthquakes are nearly impossible to predict. At least for now. New research suggests hurricanes could be causing some earthquakes.

Heroes of the 106th Rescue Wing

Over the last two weeks, the men and women of the 106th Rescue Wing on Long Island have rescued more than 2,100 people in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Days after returning from Texas where they airlifted hundreds from flood waters, many of the Air Guardsman redeployed to the Caribbean days later to conduct search and rescues on St. Martin and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Beware fake storm forecasts

If you've seen this "Long Range Weather Outlook" on your social media feed showing Hurricane Irma heading toward Houston, ignore it. Even the National Weather Service got involved by tweeting the actual forecast, noting forecasts only go out five days along with warning people to keep their eyes out for fake forecasts.

After Sandy: What is Rebuild by Design?

After Superstorm Sandy hit, a handful of groups were tasked with creating ways to protect communities in and around New York against future storms. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development launched an innovative design competition called Rebuild by Design.