Sherwin-Williams’ color of the year for 2024 is Upward

Sherwin Williams has revealed its color of the year for 2024: "Upward," described as "a breezy blissful blue" and a color found "when we slow down, take a breath, and allow the mind to clear." 

The color Upward SW 6239 descends from the blue family and features "a hint of silver lining."

"Upward SW 6239 represents the gentle forward momentum in all of our lives," Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, said in a statement. "It brings to life that carefree, sunny day energy that elicits a notion of contentment and peace. With this color, we invite our consumers to take a pause and infuse a new sense of ease and possibility into their spaces – one that doesn't overwhelm, but rather establishes meditation and tranquility."

Wadden recommends pairing the hue with blues and greens, deeps and darks and delicate tints like Snowbound, Drift of Mist and Gale Force.


Sherwin-Williams displays color of the year. (Credit: Sherwin-Williams via PRNewswire)

"As we play with color, it's essential to consider their interactions thoughtfully," adds Wadden. "Warmed-up blues might lead to hues that appear muddled and lackluster, which is why preserving the crisp edge and magnetic allure of cool blues is vital. It's in these subtle nuances that create spaces that are timeless and inspired.  We're excited to share this beautiful color and, craft interiors that exude harmony and evoke a sense of enchantment."

Upward SW 6239 is now available at Sherwin-Williams stores nationwide and online.


The color Upward SW 6239 descends from the blue family and features "a hint of silver lining." (Credit: Sherwin-Williams)

Earlier this month, Pantone announced that Peach Fuzz was its 2024 color of the year.

The company described the color as a "velvety gentle peach whose all-embracing spirit enriches mind, body and soul," in a press release. 

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According to Better Homes & Gardens, trend experts say earthy, nature-inspired tones are what many consumers will gravitate towards beginning next year. 

Other 2024 colors of the year

Minwax: Bay Blue

"Bay Blue is at the intersection of contemporary and classic," said Sue Kim, director of color marketing for Minwax, in a press release. "This year’s color is meant to ignite the creativity of DIYers to think of bold and rich color stain options when planning their next home project. With Bay Blue available in both solid and semi-transparent wood stain opacities, the possibility to create custom looks is easily within reach."

Glidden: Limitless

"This modern neutral is as adaptable as its name implies and is taking the place of cool neutral tones that are so last year," said Ashley McCollum, color expert for Glidden, in a press release.

Valspar: Renew Blue

"Renew Blue is an incredibly versatile and all-season shade that anyone can envision in their space. Inspired by fleeting elements like fog, mist, clouds, and glacier lakes, Renew Blue elevates the everyday mood, encourages self-expression, and evokes a feeling of balance and calm, with a twist of unique spontaneity," said Sue Kim, Valspar director of color marketing, in a press release.

Behr: Cracked Pepper

"A versatile soft black that accentuates the spaces you create life moments in," Behr said in a press release. 

HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams: Persimmon

"Persimmon balances the energy of tangerine with grounded neutral undertones, making it perfect for spaces like living rooms and kitchens as it promotes positive relationships and conversation," said Ashley Banbury, Sherwin-Williams' color marketing manager, in a press release. "The beautiful shade helps rejuvenate a space while bringing unique design visions to life."

Dutch Boy: Ironside

"We're taking a comforting approach; embracing restoration and nature, while bringing harmony into the home," said Dutch Boy's senior brand manager Michelle Bangs in a press release.

This story was reported from Los Angeles. Austin Williams contributed.