Sheriff: Suspect intentionally ran over, killed special needs man

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Joshua Anderson (Courtesy: Newton County Sheriff's Office)

Authorities in Newton County said deputies are searching for a man deputies consider “armed and dangerous” after investigators said he ran down, killing a special needs man following a one-way altercation.

“Kevin loved family and he loved little kids and he loved going to church, that's where he got his joy from, he wouldn't hurt a butterfly,” said Robbie Marshall, mother of the victim.

Marshall said her son, 20-year-old Kevin Marshall, had ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and the mentality of a 13-year-old. She said her special needs son went to a house on North Lake Drive on the evening of the Fourth of July, as he had before, to play basketball with the children at the home. While he was there, investigators and eyewitnesses said Marshall was on the losing end of a one-way scuffle with Joshua Anderson.

“Started right there on the handrail and he took him over the handrail and he jumped on him,” said Kenneth Browning, who lives at the home, showing FOX 5 News where the scuffle started.

Investigators said Marshall walked away but was followed by an enraged Anderson in his 2001 Toyota Tacoma. Authorities said Anderson ran down Marshall at Morningside Drive and North Lake Drive, about a half mile from the home.

“According to witnesses, yes it was,” said Deputy Michael Gregg with the Newton County Sheriff's Office answering if investigators thought this was a deliberate act. “The charges he will face will be malice murder.”

Complicating matters, investigators said Anderson may be with his girlfriend Kendra Browning who lives at the home where the fight occurred.

The sheriff's office said it's unclear when she connected with Anderson but her father is worried.

“We don't know where she's at we don't know nothing,” her father said. “I'm pretty sure [he’s with her now].”

Investigators said Anderson is considered armed and dangerous and hope his run from the law ends peacefully.

Marshall's mother, a nurse at Emory Hospital, said she is used to saving lives and is at a loss with the loss of her youngest. She also has a message for Anderson.

“Please turn yourself in it's not doing you or your girlfriend any good because you took my son's life,” the grieving mother said.

Authorities are searching for Anderson who is believed to be driving that gray 2001 Toyota Tacoma extended cab with Georgia plates DGF633. The pickup truck would likely have extensive front grill damage following this incident.

Anyone who sees Anderson, his pickup truck, or has information in the case should contact 911 immediately.