Shelter worker comforts neglected dog

A sweet moment between a shelter worker and stray dog is gaining a lot of attention online.

Video, posted by the Conway Area Humane Society, shows one of the shelter's worker's on the floor in the kennel with a dog who needed comforting.

'Prissy' and her puppies had been neglected before arriving at the shelter. They were found - in poor health - in a kennel behind an auto shop in the hot Tennessee sun.

When Prissy was spayed last week, she was very tired after her surgery.

According to the Conway Area Human Society, when Prissy sleeps, she usually wags her tail.  One of the shelter workers decided to capture this on camera after the operation. Instead, she found one of the shelter workers, Chrissy, curled up on the shelter floor to comfort the dog.

Prissy is four years old and will be ready for adoption later this week.

Video courtesy of Debra Cameron with Conway Area Humane Society. Learn more about the shelter here.