Sharks die in frigid waters

The ocean water in New England is so cold that it is apparently killing sharks from "cold shock".

On the past week, three thresher sharks have been found frozen in the waters off Cape Cod.  In the latest incident, a 14 foot share was found in Brewster.  The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy said the shark was too frozen to even attempt a necropsy.

They hauled the shark off of the beach for a dissection after thawing at a NOAA Fisheries Service location.

They called it a "true sharkcicle!"

Days earlier, the AWSC team was called out to two thresher shark strandings along the Cape. They said both were likely stranded due to cold shock. Morphometric data, organs, and tissue samples were collected to be examined (once they thawed).

The conservancy says the sharks are common in the offshore waters during warmer weather.  They speculate that they sharks were heading south and got caught in the hook of Cape Code.