Shariff "S-One" Harris interviewed in prison

S-One was on the brink of hitting it big in the music world. But for the last seven years the rapper has been behind bars. There's no question it seems like S-One was robbed of his dream of hip hop stardom. But his story is far from over. With the help of his devoted family and after months of negotiations with corrections officials, we got permission to bring our camera behind the high barbed wire walls of Sing Sing maximum security prison.

Shariff Harris, known in the hip hop world as the rapper S-One, was gaining national attention. The music industry buzz was building, and he saw a way out from the dangers of fast street money. Harris grew up one of 10 children in the Castle Hill public housing development in the Bronx.

In 2008, he was one of 19 people indicted on a drug conspiracy case allegedly run by the Sex Money Murder Bloods set in the very place he grew up. Harris pleaded not guilty but a jury disagreed. He was sentenced to 19 years behind bars.

His older brother Hasan "Hocus" Harris, who is a popular New York rapper, was also charged but found not guilty.

During our Sing Sing sit-down, he told me the seven years he has already spent behind bars have changed him. He participates in prison programs, and continues to write new rhymes. At my request, he spit a freestyle for us.

His attorney is working on an appeal.

Harris told me that he will continue to read, write and improve himself and stay positive while he is incarcerated, and that once he gets out he is never going back.