'Sharenting': Parents sharing and oversharing on social media

"Sharenting" is the new buzzword for parents who share the activities of their children on social media. While it's a nice way to let friends and family be a part of your child's life, there are also concerns. 

Sharing the joys and challenges of parenting on social media has exploded over the last few years.

A recent University of Michigan study found that over half of mothers and one third of fathers discuss parenting on social media. And sometimes there can be over-sharenting.

Psychologist Dr. Nava Silton says that this can be problematic for children.

"You know you have those bar mitzvah speeches or bar mitzvah montages where you have that embarrassing picture," Silton says. "Unfortunately, when you have it on Facebook it can forever be there. With all the cyber bullying that is out there right now, that could be incredibly detrimental."

An interesting part of the survey is that 74 percent of parents felt that other parents shared too much online. Over half of them gave embarrassing information about a child or gave information that could identify a child's location.

On the flip side, Mashable's Lance Ulanoff says that social media can be a great support system.

"Instead of being in a room by yourself trying to figure out about what to do with your 2-year-old who's having a tantrum or your 16-year-old who's not talking to you, you can ask the community out there," Ulanoff says.

He also recommends using the privacy controls and set up groups to view your postings, like for your family or child's school.

Silton recommends sticking to posting your child's milestones. We all don't need to know what Jack and Jill are eating for lunch every day. She also says to think before you post. That is good social media advice for people of all ages.