Security software crashes at JFK Airport

Passengers were screaming in anger after a glitch crashed security checkpoint screening equipment at JFK Airport on Thursday.

Federal officials blame a software problem for the issue that left thousands of passengers unable to get through security to catch their flights.

The problem happened on Thursday afternoon in Terminal 4.  Only seven of the 18 lanes were open at the busy terminal leaving frustrated customers in long lines.  Initially, the airport called the delays "minor" but the lines and anger quickly built.

"Those lines literally took hours, just two hours of waiting in a stationary line," frustrated passenger Reuben Mourad said.  "There were thousands of people not knowing what was going on."

Software technicians were eventually able to get 12 lanes open Thursday evening.  The TSA claims that waits dropped to 25 minutes at that point but the damage was done for passengers who were unable to make their flights.

The technicians remained at the airport on Friday in an effort to fully clear up the problem.