Second Avenue subway could be delayed again

The Second Avenue subway has been in the works and delayed for decades, literally decades. A photo from 1972 shows one of the many groundbreakings of this much anticipated subway line.

Just 5 months away from completion, the Second Avenue subway line doesn't seem to be on the fast track to the finish line That's according to Kent Haggas, the MTA's independent engineer, who says the work is already behind schedule, claiming contractors met only 70 percent of project goals for June, which is less than the 80 percent they reached in May.

Haggas said: "The test program has slipped further behind the schedule for test completion; out of a total of just over 600 tests scheduled through the end of June 336 are reported complete."

To which the MTA had this to say.

"Those specific test runs will change each particular month and just because that was what the testing looked like one month doesn't mean that that's not where things will be in December," said Beth DeFalco, the MTA director of communications.

She said the MTA is confident that the project will be completed on time.

"In June at the 77nd Street station we were 95 percent complete," DeFalco said. "By July we were 96 percent complete so you got 4 percent left between now and December.