Schoolchildren learn with help of narration software

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Reading has become easier for Katherine Inga. The 9th grader speaks Spanish at home. At school, she learns better listening using software called Capti, short for Capti Narrator.

Entrepreneur Yevgen Borodin says the technology is available on most phones and computers. You create a playlist like you would with music, except you import books or articles, you can select a voice, and it highlights every word it reads.

Students we spoke with say it helps with word sounding, both hearing the word and how it's being used.

Capti is available in 26 different languages. 200 students are using the software at East Hampton. Teachers we spoke with say it's a different way for students to learn at their own pace.

Capti is in 40 schools throughout New York. Borodin hopes to have 100 districts using it by September.