School nurse, cop revive 10-year-old boy on Long Island

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Maryalice Koch said she never thought she'd get that call -- a call that made her spring into action Wednesday afternoon. Keyshawn Grenville, 10, was found unresponsive on the field at Laurel Park Elementary School in Brentwood. He was playing a game of kickball with friends.

"He said he felt a pain and he went down," Koch said.

Koch has been a nurse at the school for the past two years and is also a CPR instructor. She never thought she would actually have to save a life, but when Keyshawn wasn't breathing she had to act fast. Suffolk County Police Officer John McAuley was there to help.

"I said 'I'm starting CPR,' and I did 30 compressions," Koch said. "[Officer McAuley] got the mask together, he gave him the two breaths."

Keyshawn's father Gaston Grenville thanked everyone who helped save his son's life.

The Koch family, who is having 16 over for their Thanksgiving dinner, has a lot more to be thankful for this year. Maryalice's daughter, Christina, calls her mom a hero.

"I'm proud of her for everything she did," she said.

Keyshawn is at Cohen Children's Medical Center in New Hyde Park. His parents will be keeping him company at the hospital. They're hopeful he'll be home soon and look forward to many more Thanksgivings together.