SC dentist breaks Internet (and hearts) with "In My Feelings" challenge

A South Carolina dentist is breaking hearts all over the Internet with the Drake-inspired "In My Feelings" challenge.

Dr. Rich Constantine, of Constantine Dental in Greenville, blew up social media Thursday with his version of the "shiggy" - a newly popular dance challenge that originated on Instagram following the release of rapper Drake's latest album Scorpion.  

You may have seen one of the thousands of videos circulating on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram featuring the track "In My Feelings."

Constantine's video, which has more than 17 million views as of Friday afternoon, had women all over wanting him to clean more than just their teeth. 

And the comments...

"Where’s this dentist located? I need my holes filled, I mean my mouth filled..I mean fillings! I need fillings!! What was the question?," one commenter wrote. 

"I have 12 wisdom teeth that need to be pulled, and I think my baby teeth trying to come back, and I swear my k 9s have become L 2's ( whatever that might mean) I just need an appt immediately, yesterday, right now!" wrote another.

"Someone, anyone, come fan me down. Matter of fact, just come dump a bucket of ice cold water on me."

Girl, we feel you. A root canal doesn't sound all that bad if it means we get to stare into those eyes.

See below to watch the video or click here