Sampling Latin and Jamaican cuisine in the Bronx

The Bronx is known for hip hop, salsa, the Yankees, and one could say its cuisine.

It's a borough of many cultures. On every block no matter where you go there is a variety of food options. If you want sea food, City Island it is. On Arthur Avenue, you have Little Italy.

And on 161 Street right up the block from Yankee Stadium is Molino Rojo Restaurant. Robert de la Rosa is the owner. His family took over the restaurant in 1989. It was a Cuban restaurant. They added Puerto Rican and Dominican dishes to the list.

They are known for Cubanos, ropa vieja, cuchifritos, Dominican fusion such as mofongo and tostones, rotisserie chicken, pork chop, smashed plantains and more. Up in the front is buffet style for those who just want to pick up and go. Rice and beans, chicharrón, pork and everything in between.  De la Rosa says about a thousand people come through the door each day.

We had to step into the kitchen to see where the magic happens. The chef cut up a banana to make shrimp mofongo. That wasn't enough for our taste buds. We had some churrasco.

From Latin cuisine we went to try some Jamaican food at The Eating Tree. Triston Dwight Frith took over the Jamaican restaurant a few years ago. It used to be the Feeding tree and now it's the Eating Tree. He decided to internationalize the menu a bit. His specialties are the jerk salmon, jerk turkey wings and mac and cheese. He says his dishes have a little Chinese, Brazilian and Italian influences.

On a slow day, Frith says he services 200 people, but if the Yankees are in town he is busy.

On a daily basis, the eatery served oxtail curry, goat, jerk chicken, curry chicken, and more. If you want to know his main ingredient; he says it's "love."