Salary workshop for women looks to help close gender pay gap

Women.NYC, a branch of New York City’s Economic Development Corporation, in partnership with the American Association of University Women have created "Ask for More," free city-wide salary negotiation workshops for women throughout the five boroughs. A free online course is already up and running.

“What these workshops do is they take the emotion out. They give you the tools, they give you the language, they give you the science of evaluating your wage on a market level,” said Faye Penn, Executive Director of Women.NYC.

The goal of “Ask for More” is to serve 10,000 women across the city.

“Women in New York City make 89 cents on the dollar that men make, on average. This initiative is deigned to help put more money in women’s pockets,” Penn said. 

The workshops will begin in September, and Spanish-language workshops will also be coming soon. You can sign up by going to Women.NYC.